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Why CLA+ and CWRA+

Why CLA+ and CWRA+

Faced with unlimited information, students must be able to gather, analyze, and evaluate information effectively. These skills are essential to navigating today’s world.

CLA+ for colleges and CWRA+ for middle and high schools use real-world, problem-solving performance tasks to measure critical-thinking skills. The results help institutions better understand how well students are learning these skills, providing a snapshot of proficiency, growth, and program efficacy. CAE helps institutions select and use the best testing model for their particular outcome goals.

Proving effectiveness. CLA+ and CWRA+ can demonstrate the quality of your curriculum and teaching to your stakeholders and potential new students. You can administer to any group of students at any class level from middle school through college. For example, you can measure all students close to graduation to show their readiness, or you can assess the contributiton of your school or college with the annual CLA+/CWRA+ cross-sectional institutional comparison study.

Efficacy research. CLA+/CWRA+ participants also can use the assessment to evaluate the success of general education programs, curriculum changes, and innovative pedagogical approaches. Our measurement science team is available to help you design an efficacy study. Start with our Guide for Using CLA+/CWRA+ for Efficacy Studies. 

Assessing readiness. Student critical-thinking skills are measured against proficiency standard levels defined by experts from business, K-12, and higher education. Early detection of critical-thinking deficits helps individuals and institutions target further instruction. Proficient students are recognized with digital credentials.