Performance Assessment

CLA+ Sample Tasks

CLA+ Sample Tasks

CLA+ relies on prompts that require students to perform. We stress the need for students to exhibit that they have the skills not just the knowledge to succeed.

When taking the CLA+ students complete both a Performance Task and a series of Selected-Response Questions.

The Performance Task presents a real-world situation in which an issue, problem, or conflict is identified. Students are asked to assume a relevant role to address the issue, suggest a solution, or recommend a course of action based on the information provided in a document library. A full CLA+ Performance Task contains four to nine documents in the library, and students have 60 minutes to complete the task. The Document Library contains a variety of reference sources such as technical reports, data tables, newspaper articles, office memoranda, or emails. The Performance Task measures Analysis and Problem Solving, Writing Mechanics, and Writing Effectiveness. For more information see the rubric below.

In the Selected-Response section, students respond to 25 questions: 10 assess scientific and quantitative reasoning; 10 assess critical reading and evaluation; and 5 assess the students’ ability to critique an argument. Students complete this section within 30 minutes. Much like the Performance Task, each set of questions requires that students draw information from accompanying documents.

To review a Practice PT in PDF format, click here. To review the CLA+ PT Rubric, click here.

Please complete this form if you’d like to see a CLA+ Performance Task on the Student Interface, which illustrates how a student will see it on the day of testing. After completing the form you’ll be redirected immediately to the CLA+ Demonstration Task.