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CLA+ Spotlight

CLA+ in the News
Ensuring Academic Quality in Higher Education - The Huffington Post.
Dr. Robert Mendenhall (President, Western Governor’s University) discusses the rising cost of attending institutions of higher education and the corresponding need for ensuring that colleges and universities deliver the appropriate value. Mendenhall mentions CLA+ as an effective means for meaningfully measuring student learning.

CLA Case Studies
Perhaps the question posed most often to CLA staff is “What do other institutions do with their CLA results?” Watch this space as very soon we will publish the first in a series of short case studies highlighting institutions that have made proactive use of their CLA membership to effect educational improvement. First up: Stonehill College, which has been a CLA member institution since 2005.

Learn from your Peers
Please visit the CLA+ contact map to see which institutions participated in the 2012-2013 assessment. Some institutions have elected to share their contact information, which existing and prospective member institutions are encouraged to use to learn more about the ways institutions are going about using CLA+ to measure student learning.