Performance Assessment

CLA+ Supporting Material

CLA+ Supporting Materials

The CLA+ is built upon the foundations of its predecessor, the CLA. CAE has developed a number of materials to promote a better understanding of CLA+. These documents are designed to provide context, rationale, goals, and operational principles for the assessment.

The relationship between the former and current Collegiate Learning Assessment is explained in each informational piece. In addition to the materials below, CAE President Roger Benjamin's seminal publication "The Seven Red Herrings about Assessment in Higher Education" can be found on our Research Publications page.

Introduction to CLA+

CLA+ represents the next evolution of a progressive, problem-based assessment that has been utilized by institutions of higher education for the past 10 years.


There are several significant advantages for institutions to move to administering CLA+.

CLA+ & Competency-based Education

CLA+ is well suited to play the role of an independent, third party assessment.

The Case for Critical Thinking Skills

This monograph makes the case for assessing critical-thinking skills with performance assessments.

The Reliability and Validity of CLA+

This report provides an overview and results of the pilot study for the CLA+.

Why Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes is Needed

Today’s key decisions should be judged against the only relevant metric: student learning outcomes.

Three Principal Questions about Critical Thinking Tests

This document reviews important questions regarding what the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) measures and why it is important.

Does College Matter?

This paper asks whether there is evidence that students' set of real-world skills grow during their attendance in college.

Standards Setting for Performance Assessment

This document describes the procedures, recommendations, and expected outcomes for CLA+ standard setting.

Common Core State Standards Validation through Assessment Executive Summary

This summary of the full length report (available in our research white papers section) presents important evidence CAE has used to align CLA+ and CWRA+ to core elements of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)