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CWRA+ Overview

CWRA+ Overview

Graduating high school students face greater demands in both college and in the workplace than ever before, and the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are helping address these challenges.

Students must master a broad range of 21st century skills. Beyond just accumulating facts, they must be able to access, structure, and use information. Now there’s a test that measures this critical-thinking ability, the College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+).

With CWRA+, CAE has pioneered the use of performance-based assessments with over 200 participating middle and secondary schools (in the United States and internationally). CWRA+ is aligned with the CCSS, measuring critical-thinking, analysis and problem solving, scientific and quantitative reasoning, writing, critical reading and evaluation, writing effectiveness and mechanics, and the ability to critique and construct arguments.

Student CWRA+ results can be used for formative purposes to evaluate students’ strengths or areas requiring further attention. Results can also be appended to students’ transcripts for use by employers or post-secondary institutions seeking evidence that students are graduating with the skills they’ll need to succeed in the 21st century.

Our fundamental goal at CAE has been and remains to better align assessment with teaching and learning. The CWRA+ approach using performance tasks for assessing 21st century skills is a unique new tool.

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