Performance Assessment


Performance Assessments

Performance-based assessments challenge students to demonstrate skills, rather than simply to recall information. CAE approaches performance-based learning by challenging students to address real-life issues presented in performance tasks.

Performance tasks require students to use an integrated set of analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication skills to answer open-ended questions about hypothetical, but realistic situations. Students are presented with an engaging, real-world scenario and a set of accompanying documents, and are asked to either: choose among possible actions to address a problem; determine the most likely cause of a problem; or classify items based on their salient features. The set of accompanying documents, or “Document Library,” can include a range of different sources such as newspaper articles, blog posts, research abstracts, correspondence, or debate transcripts.

Students must:

  • make a logical decision or conclusion supported by appropriate information from the Document Library,
  • construct organized and logically cohesive arguments,
  • strengthen their position by providing elaboration on facts or ideas, and
  • demonstrate facility with the conventions of standard written English.