Papers & Presentations

Papers & Presentations

Test Administration Procedures and Their Relationships with Effort and Performance on a College Outcomes Test

AERA (2014) – Jeffrey T. Steedle, Doris Zahner, Heather Kugelmass

A Strategy for Increasing Student Motivation on Low-Stakes Assessments

AERA (2014) – Zachary G. C. Kornhauser, Jillian Minahan, Karen L. Siedlecki, Jeffrey T. Steedle

A Case Study of an International Performance-Based Assessment of Critical Thinking Skills

AERA (2014) – Raffaela Wolf, Doris Zahner, Fiorella Kostoris, Roger Benjamin 

Evaluating Performance Task Scoring Comparability in an International Testing Program

NCME (2014) – Doris Zahner, Jeffrey Steedle

Majors Matter: Differential Performance on a Test of General College Outcomes

AERA (2012) – Jeffrey Steedle, Michael Bradley

Comparing Alternatives in the Prediction of College Success

AERA (2012) – Doris Zahner, Lisa Ramsaran, Jeffrey Steedle

Improving the Reliability and Interpretability of Value-Added Scores for Post-Secondary Institutional Assessment Programs

AERA (2010) - Jeffrey Steedle

Incentives, Motivation, and Performance on a Low-Stakes Test of College Learning

AERA (2010) - Jeffrey Steedle

Student Engagement and Student Learning: Testing the Linkages

AERA (2006) – Robert Carini, George Kuh, Stephen Klein

Assessment Versus Accountability in Higher Education: Notes on Reconciliation

UNESCO (2006) – Roger Benjamin, Stephen Klein