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Quality Solutions

Quality Solutions

The world is changing. Education is changing. You need a partner that can provide deep analysis and pragmatic, elegant solutions.
CAE’s innovation of performance tasks for standardized assessments has set the standard for the field. Our work in formative assessment is bridging the gap between assessment and instruction. CAE has the capacity and a proven track record for meaningful innovation.

You can rely on us. We realize that timelines, deliverables, and even basic specifications are subject to change. When the inevitable occurs, we react with speed, flexibility, and transparency.
CAE enjoys close partnerships with our clients. We ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers. We emerge with creative solutions, and we do so on time and within budget.

Whatever our clients need—from complete test design and psychometric analysis to highly targeted, fast-track item production—CAE ensures excellence.
You can have confidence in everything we deliver. Our psychometric expertise, editorial depth, and management skills ensure that you will obtain the results and content you need.