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for High Schools & Middle Schools

Enrollment and Pricing


Cost to Participate:
The minimum participation fee is $2,000. Our pricing of $38 per student includes access to testing, reports, customer service, the Data Analytics platform, and IT assistance for your institution.

Volume Discounts:
Volume discounts are available for schools and districts testing more than 500 students. Please contact us for additional details. 

Multi-Year Discount:
Plan ahead and save now. If your institution plans to participate for three or more consecutive years, you can enroll for all years now and save. The first year of participation will be $34/student, with each subsequent year at $33/student. Payment may be submitted on an annual basis or in one lump sum by July 15.

Enrollment Form

The below information is required of all enrolling institutions.

Anticipated Testing Numbers:

CWRA+ for High School



CWRA+ for Middle School



Electronic Memorandum of Agreement
If you are ready to sign your MOA at this time please do so by reviewing the information below and providing an electronic signature.

You may download a PDF copy of the MOA for your records by clicking here.

Please do not use this electronic MOA if you are signing up for Early Enrollment. A CWRA+ staff member will provide you with your MOA.

I have read and hereby agree to the terms of the agreement found above. Digital signature of this agreement acknowledges acceptance.

After clicking "Submit" you will receive a copy of your enrollment form and a CWRA+ staff member will get in touch with you.