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Test Administration Overview

Test Administration Overview

CWRA+ (College and Work Readiness Assessment) is a performance-based assessment that is delivered online. Schools manage their administrations through the CWRA+ Proctor Interface, and students download a secure browser through the Student Interface. The CWRA+ Proctor Interface allows schools to view current and past test administrations and student information. It is also where schools retrieve their reports. Your school will be given access to both web portals prior to the start of your administration.

After returning your school’s enrollment materials, you will be assigned a CWRA+ Rep who will guide you through your CWRA+ testing. Your Rep will be your main point of contact during testing and will be able to answer any questions you have. A few weeks before testing, your Rep will send a welcome email of introduction that will provide information about the upcoming testing window.

Each administration of CWRA+ runs within a testing window, during which an institution must complete its testing. The fall testing window has historically run from mid-August to mid-December, while the spring testing window has run from late-January to mid-May. An institution may choose to complete testing in a single day or over several weeks within the window. After an institution has achieved its intended sample, it submits registrar data for the students who were tested. Registrar data include information such as class level and transfer status. Reports will be available four to six weeks after registrar data submission.

If you have any questions about CWRA+ test administration, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) us.