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CLA+ International

Learn More About CLA+ International

Learn More About CLA+ International

CAE and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have agreed to partner on CLA+ International, an initiative to assess learning outcomes in tertiary education on a global scale. This initiative will use CAE’s CLA+, an assessment tool that measures generic skills (also known as critical-thinking and written communication skills in the US) using a performance-based instrument consisting of a Performance Task (PT) and set of document-based Selected-Response Questions (SRQs).

CLA+ International will provide participating countries with data at the national, institutional, and student levels. Particpants may also chose to particpate in international benchmarking. Additionally, CAE will make available to each respective country its data, reports, and other comparative information via CAE’s new, secure CLA+ Data Analytics platform, one of the many exciting innovations happening at CAE.

Countries that participate in CLA+ International will receive the following benefits, led by an expert team at CAE:

  • Access to CAE’s latest CLA+ tests
  • Translation and adaptation to the language and culture of each country
  • Test administration and scoring over CAE’s internet-based platforms
  • Comparative international analyses—student-, institutional-,  and country-level comparisons
  • Global standard setting verification (to establish mastery levels for student and institutional reports)
  • Online analysis tool as part of CLA+ Data Analytics (launching in 2017)
  • Digital badges for students with qualifying test results to showcase their levels of mastery to employers 
  • Professional development seminars to train professors on the techniques to improve their students’ performance (CLA+ Education, priced separately)