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CLA+ International

Operational Details

Operational Details

The National Project Managers (or similarly situated individuals) will select and work with their country’s participating institutions to prepare for the first test administration planned for Fall 2019 and then again in Spring 2020. CAE will provide guidance to country teams on student recruitment, proctor training, and technical support for test administration. Scorers will be recruited by the country teams. Scorer training, scoring on CAE’s platform, data analyses, and reporting will follow test administration. CAE will deliver reports after each test administration. The recommended sampling is for 100 entering students and 400 near receiving their degrees. 

Important Milestones and Activities:

Phase 1

  1. Secure, scalable online test platform refitted and translated into one language per country
  2. Performance Task selection
  3. Selected-Response Question sets selection
  4. Translation of all test materials and scoring rubrics into one language per country
  5. Administrative instructions and guides translated into one language per country
  6. Cognitive labs
  7. Exemplary best practices, communications materials, training and logistics guidance provided

Phase 2

  1. Institutional support from CAE (minimum of five institutions/country): implementation and methodology guidance for each participating institution
  2. Student recruitment support
  3. Test administration using secure online testing platform
  4. Program-wide in-person training of Lead Scorers by CAE
  5. Management of online scoring platform, quality control, monitoring of scorers, and scoring progress by CAE
  6. Review and preparation of data and institutional reports by CAE
  7. Individual student reports and verified badges/certificates prepared and distributed by CAE through CLA+ Analytics
  8. Psychometric support
  9. Continued development of future assessments

CLA+ International is administered through an internet-based test platform. Students enter the examination platform through a secure browser that locks down computer functions and distributes a 60-minute PT and a 30-minute, 25-item SRQ section to each student. Technical Requirements

The PT asks students to craft responses to an open-ended question about a hypothetical but realistic scenario using a library of relevant documents (Document Library).
The SRQs ask students to choose the best response to questions in the categories of Critical Reading and Evaluation, Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning, and Critiquing-an-Argument.

All testing sessions require a proctor to authorize students into the interface and manage the testing environment. The assessment is designed to be completed in approximately 90 minutes. The assessment will include an optional tutorial that students can scroll through as well as a short demographic survey. The assessment must be administered under standardized, controlled testing conditions. CAE will provide training materials for Institutional Administrators and Proctors.

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Roles and Responsibilities

This document provides an overview of CAE and partners’ roles and responsibilities throughout the project.

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Test Administration Overview

A description of the life cycle of the administration process.