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CLA+ & CWRA+ Longitudinal Outcomes Study

CLA+ & CWRA+ Longitudinal Outcomes Study

Launched in fall 2013, CLA+ is designed to assess the skills most critical for success beyond college. Its high school counterpart, CWRA+, measures identical skills that are critical for success in college. CLA+ and CWRA+ provide reliable measures of students’ ability to solve complex problems by analyzing and synthesizing disparate pieces of information while presenting cohesive, persuasive, and grammatically correct solutions.

Given that the skills measured by CLA+—Analysis and Problem Solving, Writing Effectiveness, Writing Mechanics, Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning, Critical Reading and Evaluation, and Critique an Argument (detecting logical flaws and questionable assumptions)—are skills that are widely valued especially by employers, CAE is undertaking longitudinal studies to examine the relationship between individuals’ performance on CLA+ and their post-collegiate outcomes.

The CLA+ and CWRA+ longitudinal outcomes survey project began with a year-long feasibility study, starting with graduating college seniors who completed CLA+ in spring 2014. These individuals were surveyed at three points during the following year: approximately three months, six months, and one year after graduation. 

The feasibility study yielded valuable data about early post-college outcomes of CLA+ examinees and methods for surveying this group. Preliminary findings about students’ initial post-college outcomes, as well about the effectiveness of the various methods used during the feasibility study, are forthcoming.

Beginning with the spring 2015 cohort of CLA+ and CWRA+ examinees, all students who have completed the assessments in the spring of their senior year will be invited to participate in the longitudinal outcomes study. Participants are eligible to win up to $1,250 in Amazon gift cards following completion of each survey. Responses will be collected each spring and fall.