Measure Portrait of a Graduate Competencies

CAE’s performance-based College and Career Readiness Assessment (CCRA+) measures common Portrait of a Graduate skills and provides a more complete picture of your students’ readiness for the rigors of today’s academics and their next steps following graduation.

Uncover Students’ Strengths and Opportunities for Growth with Portrait of a Graduate Skills

Your district’s Portrait of a Graduate identifies the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and attributes every student should have upon graduation. How are you measuring students’ progress in developing those competencies? 

Traditional multiple choice assessments aren’t able to provide data about the foundational skills that are essential to students’ academic and career success — critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication. The performance-based CCRA+ challenges students to develop a solution to a real-world problem and requires them to put these skills to work.

Detailed reports identify student strengths and opportunities for improvement so educators and students can work together to build Portrait of a Graduate skills that impact academic success in secondary school and preparedness for college and career. Download sample reports.

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Students are situated in real-world scenarios that require the application of critical thinking, problem-solving, and written communication skills.

a Solution

Using supplied reference materials, students must organize information, define the problem, address issues, consider and evaluate solutions, and recommend and defend a course of action.

No Single
“Right” Answer

Student scores reflect a range of plausible and effective response strategies — a process that, by design, mimics real-world, decision environments.

Sample Performance Tasks & Scoring Rubric

Our assessments include a Performance Task (PT) and a Selected-Response Question (SRQ) section. The tasks are designed to assess students’ general critical thinking and written communication skills, regardless of their academic concentrations. These skills include scientific and quantitative reasoning, analytic reasoning and evaluation of information, problem solving, writing effectiveness, and writing mechanics.

CCRA+ Middle School Sample

CCRA+ High School


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