U.S. institutions administering CLA+,  CWRA+, or SSA+ will be able to begin testing on Monday, January 25th.
International institutions will be able to begin testing in early March.
The testing window will close on Sunday, May 30th.

Are Your Students Ready for Their Next Step?

60% of entering higher education students are not proficient in essential college skills – yet these skills are predictive of positive college outcomes.
44% of exiting higher education students are not proficient in essential career skills – yet these skills are predictive of positive post-college outcomes.

Assessing Essential College and Career Skills Since 2002

CAE’s performance-based assessments, CLA+, CCRA+, and SSA+, authentically measure students’ essential college and career skills, providing valid and reliable insights into their readiness for their next step.

Our assessments help complete the portrait of your students by assessing skills not typically measured in traditional assessments – yet which are predictive of positive college and career outcomes.

A mission-driven, non-profit organization, CAE also partners with national, state, and district clients to design innovative custom assessments that measure the constructs most important to students, educators, and institutions.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Written Communications

Authentic Assessments through Performance Tasks

CAE’s assessments leverage a performance-task model to uniquely measure students’ ability to think critically, solve problems, and effectively communicate.

  • Students are placed in real-world scenarios with engaging tasks;
  • With authentic documents from more- and less-credible sources that contain related and conflicting information;
  • Are presented with open-ended problems with no single correct solution;
  • Requiring students to apply knowledge and produce a response.
CAE Tasks Examples

Are Your Students Ready for Their Next Step?

CAE’s assessment solutions and services help students, educators, and institutions answer critical questions including:

CheckHow ready are our students for their next step?

CheckHow can we support our students to increase their success in their next step?

CheckHow ready are our students compared to other students?

CheckHow ready are our exiting students relative to their expected performance?

CheckHow much growth in the essential readiness skills do our students show over time?

Valid and Reliable Assessments and Insights to Answer Your Questions

Next Step Assessment

Measure students’ readiness for their next step and identify opportunities for improvement

Learning Gains Study

Measure value-added and/or effect size by comparing the performance of your entering and exiting students


Measure the effectiveness of specific educational interventions and programs

Custom Assessments

Measure the constructs most important to your students, educators, and institutions

Insights for Students & Institutions


Student reports provide actionable insights to support student growth and improvement.

Micro-credentials provide assessment-based evidence of proficiency.

Detailed Subscore Report

Detailed Subscore Report



Mastery Level Distribution

Mastery Level Distribution

Subscore Distribution

Subscore Distribution


Institution reports help identify gaps in curricula and/or developmental support, measure value-added, and assess program effectiveness.


Details on rubrics and mastery levels are provided to identify next steps for improvement.

CAE, a non-profit provider of performance-based assessments, authentically measures students’ essential college and career skills.

Critical Thinking


Measure critical thinking, problem solving, and effective written communication skills to create a more complete picture of students’ readiness for college and career.



Leverage reliable and valid assessments aligned to current assessment models, education research, and best practices – backed by 20+ years of research and use

Problem Solving

Detailed Insights

Institutional and student level reports identify how you can best support students during their academic journey and increase their success in their next step.


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