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CAE is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping educators better understand student potential and improve student skills.

Our innovative, performance-based assessments measure the 21st century skills students need to succeed, including critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.

We continually research the validity, reliability, and predictability of our assessments, providing educators with actionable insights to support student growth and development.

In collaboration with educators around the globe, we design assessment solutions to measure the constructs that are most important to students and academic institutions.

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CAE’s performance-based assessments uniquely measure 21st century success skills by placing students in grade-appropriate, real-world scenarios. These assessments require students to apply knowledge and produce a response from the information provided. There is no “right” answer; our assessments measure students’ ability to critically think, problem solve, and communicate.

Our research suggests that CLA+ is predictive of post-college outcomes as measured by employment, salary, and graduate program enrollments. Additionally, students with higher CLA+ scores were more likely to have higher employment performance ratings and merit-based rewards than those with lower CLA+ scores. Coupled with high school GPA, CLA scores act as a predictive indicator of cumulative college GPA for seniors.


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