Empower Students for Future Success by Building Higher-Order Skills Today

Students need strong content knowledge, technical skills, AND higher-order skills for future success. CAE’s Higher-Order Skills Solution fills the gap in traditional curricula and provides the data and instructional materials to prepare students for their futures. 

Give Students Opportunities to Develop and Practice Higher-Order Skills

What are you preparing graduates for? Today’s employers—and the jobs of the future—require more than academic and technical skills. Employers are seeking higher-order skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication nearly four times more often than the top five technical or hard skills.

CAE’s competency-based learning model supports the integration of higher-order skills instruction across curricula so students have opportunities to build and practice these skills in real-world contexts.

Close the Skills Gap with CAE’s Higher-Order Skills Solution.

Teach to the Future

A nationwide survey shows that 37% of teachers don’t believe they are preparing students for the workplace and future careers. And a six-year international study found that 60% of students entering colleges and universities are not proficient in higher-order skills — yet these skills are predictive of positive outcomes.

Give your students a competitive edge by explicitly teaching and measuring the skills proven to prepare students for academic and career success.

Ensure True Future Readiness with CAE’s Higher-Order Skills Solution

CAE’s Higher-Order Skills Solution uniquely supports educators with tools to measure, teach, and monitor the growth of the skills most in demand by today’s employers and the skills essential for future success.

Explore how our performance-based assessments, professional development, and instructional materials incorporate higher-order skills development into your curricula so your graduates have the skills needed to adapt and thrive wherever their next steps take them.

Grades 6–12

Higher Education