CLA+ Resource Center

CLA+ Resource Center

Share these samples and tools with educators to help them better understand how to use CLA+ to improve outcomes for their students.

Collegiate Readiness Assessment (CLA+) for Higher Education

CAE’s performance-based assessments provide a more complete picture of students’ readiness for the rigors of today’s academics and their next steps following graduation by measuring the skills that help them apply their content knowledge effectively — critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication.

The resulting data can be used for formative and summative purposes, including evaluating how well students have developed essential skills at the beginning and/or end of a particular class or academic year, or to measure growth over multiple years.

Sample Assessment and Reports

Sample Assessment

Sample Reports

Sample Higher Education Assessment

Sample Student and Institution Reports

Dive deeper and learn how to interpret results from our CLA+ Student Report and Institution Report.

Preparing to Administer CLA+

Educators can share these documents with students, families, and their team to help them understand what CLA+ is, what to expect on test day, and how the assessment data will be used to support student growth.

Assessment Prep Materials:
For Administrators

Assessment Prep Materials:
For Faculty & Advisors

Assessment Prep Materials:
For Students

Tool & Resources for Educators

What Skills Do In-Demand Careers Require?

The Future Lies in Upskilling

7 Steps to Create a Portrait of a Graduate

Blueprint for Success Checklist

Infographic: Sample Future-Ready Skills Assessment Program