{On-Demand Webinar} Let’s Get Real! Using Performance-Based Assessment to Authentically Measure Student Learning

States and districts across the country are looking for better ways to bridge the gap between high school graduation and students’ next steps. Many states are incorporating new approaches to ensure students meet their Portrait of a Graduate requirements. One solution is to include open-ended and performance-based assessments that authentically measure students’ learning and skills.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how two diverse districts — New York City and Catalina Foothills School District (AZ) — are using performance-based assessment across the curricula to get a more accurate picture of students’ ability to apply and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Panelists share and explore:

  • The essential components of a performance-based assessment
  • Why performance-based assessments provide a more accurate measurement of students’ knowledge and skills
  • The challenges and successes in developing and administering performance-based assessments
  • The response to performance-based assessments from educators, students, and parents
  • How the skills being measured using this method relate to college and career readiness

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