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A Roadmap to Employability: Integrating Higher-Order Skills into Curricula and Assessment

During this on-demand you’ll:

  • Learn how state and federal funding and policy can support the integration of higher-order skills into instruction, curricula, and assessment
  • Hear from the former Arkansas Secretary of Education about how to design a K–12 educational system that truly prepares students for employability and entrepreneurship
  • Discover how higher-order skills connect with and complement content knowledge
  • Gain insight from examples of innovative ways districts are teaching and measuring higher-order skills across curricula

Future-Ready Students: How to Develop and Measure Higher-Order Skills

Tune in to:

  • Learn about the role of professional development in training teachers to nurture the growth of higher-order skills
  • Learn how to transform instruction to go above and beyond traditional content areas, and how to embed assessment of higher-order thinking skills into course content
  • Hear evidence of how both colleges and employers value mastery of higher-order thinking skills.

Portrait of a Graduate: Making the Vision Reality for Your Students

Tune in to learn:

  • How a Portrait of a Graduate complements and supports rigorous academic standards
  • Why measuring progress toward the Portrait of a Graduate vision is essential to its impact and effectiveness
  • How performance-based assessment can provide valid and reliable data on students’ progress toward Portrait of a Graduate traits

Developing the Essential Skills for College and Career Readiness

Tune in to learn:

  • The importance of screening and progress monitoring in developing students’ essential skills
  • How to determine your students’ mastery of essential skills
  • How performance-based assessments deliver accurate and actionable insights into students’ skills
  • How educators can use assessment data to guide instruction and professional development

Let’s Get Real! Using Performance-Based Assessment to Authentically Measure Student Learning

Tune in to learn:

  • The essential components of a performance-based assessment
  • Why performance-based assessments provide a more accurate measurement of students’ knowledge and skills
  • The challenges and successes in developing and administering performance-based assessments
  • The response to performance-based assessments from educators, students, and parents
  • How the skills being measured using this method relate to college and career readiness

How prepared are your students for their futures?

Critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication are consistently ranked by employers as the most important skills, across fields. Using CAE’s performance-based assessments and critical thinking instructional materials, K–12 school districts can support the development of the skills students will need for their next steps — whether that’s continued education, the military, or the workforce.

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