Close the Gap Between the Skills Students Have and the Skills Employers Want

Close the Gap Between the Skills Students Have and the Skills Employers Want

Integrate CAE higher-order skills solution with Territorium’s LifeJourney toolkit to help students to prepare for their future in the innovation economy

CAE is your partner in innovation. While others teach to tests, we teach to academic and future workforce success. 

Our Higher-Order Skills Solution supports and enhances traditional content instruction with:

  • Performance-based assessments: Measure student mastery of critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication using the College and  Career Readiness Assessment (CCRA+) and Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+)
  • Professional development: Help educators integrate explicit instruction of higher-order skills across curricula.
  • Critical thinking instructional materials: Provide students with opportunities to practice and build their higher-order skills.
  • Micro-credentials: Offer evidence of students’ abilities with in-demand skills to higher education institutions and employers.

Help Students Chart Their Career Paths & Demonstrate Their Skills

Integrate CAE assessment data into Territorium’s LifeJourney toolkit

LifeJourney toolkit provides students with a comprehensive platform to:

  • Measure their employability skills, including higher-order skills like those that CAE’s performance-based assessments measure
  • Explore careers and discover which skills they need to build in order to be qualified for those careers
  • Build their skills through courses and training opportunities
  • Showcase their educational history and accomplishments and highlight their qualifications and skills to prospective employers

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