30 Predictions About EdTech’s Role in Higher Education in 2024

By Laura Ascione
January 1, 2024 | eCampus News

As higher education prepares for a new semester in the new year, it’s always helpful to look back on lessons learned, trends, and developments from 2023.

Increased flexibility and course delivery were top-of-mind for students and instructors alike in 2023, and this flexibility will continue to be a driving factor in students’ choices in 2024.

The new kid on the block, AI, skyrocketed in popularity and brought with it questions surrounding academic integrity and the need for workforce skills around developing technologies.

We asked edtech executives, stakeholders, and experts—including Bob Yayac, CAE Chief Executive Officer—to share some of their thoughts and predictions about where they think edtech is headed in 2024.

Read the article to learn what they had to say about equity, cybersecurity, diversity, analytics, and more.

In 2024, I believe we will see higher education institutions increase their focus on student employability and the higher order skills future employers are seeking – critical thinking, problem solving and written communication. ~Bob Yayac, CAE Chief Executive Officer