64 Predictions About EdTech Trends in 2024

By Laura Ascione
January 1, 2024 | eSchool News

As we wave farewell to 2023, we’re looking ahead to edtech trends in 2024 with optimism for education as a whole.

Moving away from the pandemic, educators still grapple with learning loss and academic disparities and inequities.

In 2023, a new popular kid in town, better known as AI, dominated headlines and prompted debates around how students could abuse–and should use–the generative tool for learning.

The future of education is changing, and global workforce demands will be influenced by the need for knowledge around and skills in fast-growing technologies such as AI. This begs the question: What’s next for education?

What edtech trends will take top billing in schools and districts in the new year?

We asked edtech executives, stakeholders, and experts—including Bob Yayac, CAE Chief Executive Officer—to share some of their thoughts and predictions about where they think edtech is headed in 2024.

Read the article to learn what they had to say.

In 2024, I believe that schools, districts and states will move to the next phase of implementing their Portrait of a Graduate by addressing the need to measure and evaluate students against the competencies in their Portraits. ~Bob Yayac, CAE Chief Executive Officer