Colleges Must Intentionally Teach Critical-Thinking Skills

By Shannon Deer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Kyle Gammenthaler, Lecturer, Texas A&M’s Mays Business School
November 16, 2023 | eCampus News 

To prepare students for post-graduate success, critical thinking skills must be woven into all aspects of instruction.

Since 2021, Mays Business School has been highly focused on strengthening their pedagogy. This is in reaction to employers increasingly saying new applicants don’t have the higher-order skills needed for the workforce, and with the understanding that the school previously hadn’t been intentional enough about teaching and measuring skills like critical thinking and problem solving.

To help address this gap, Mays Business School and CAE have partnered to develop critical thinking instruction, a framework that can be used throughout the college. Read more about how CAE’s performance-based assessments identified deficiencies in student learning and helped educators tailor their instruction to improve student success.

If we teach them to think critically, they’ll have a better chance to be extraordinary. ~Mihir Cherukumilli, a Mays peer leader and teaching assistant