CAE Collaborates with Finland Ministry of Education and Culture

By Fierce Education Staff | June 1, 2023 | Fierce Education


Council for Aid to Education, Inc. (CAE), a leader in designing innovative performance tasks for measurement and instruction of higher order skills, announced a multiyear collaboration with the Finland Ministry of Education and Culture, expanding on a previous study that measured Finnish higher education students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication skills (“generic skills”).Starting in 2023 and continuing through 2025, CAE’s performance-based assessments will be used to measure Finnish higher education students’ generic skills from 18 higher education institutions, with the goal of determining the factors that influence a student’s level of generic skills and how they develop during their studies. The results will help inform future policy and curricular decisions.

Critical thinking and communication skills are essential for academic and career success, whether in Finland or throughout the international community. ~Dr. Jani Ursin, Co-national Program Manager, University of Jyväskylä Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER)