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{On-Demand Webinar} A Roadmap to Employability: Integrating Higher-Order Skills Into Curricula and Assessment

As far back as 2006, former Secretary of Education Richard Riley said, “We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist …” That statement is even more relevant today given the increasingly rapid rate of technological change. To prepare students to be successful in tomorrow’s workplace, students must not only have deep content knowledge but also the skills to apply that knowledge.

During this on-demand webinar you’ll:

  • Learn how state and federal funding and policy can support the integration of higher-order skills into instruction, curricula, and assessment
  • Gain insight from the former state superintendent of Arkansas about how to design a K–12 educational system that truly prepares students for employability and entrepreneurship
  • Explore how higher-order skills connect with and complement content knowledge
  • See examples of innovative ways districts are teaching and measuring higher-order skills across curricula

Tune into this session for actionable guidance to ensure your students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and experience they’ll need to be successful in college, career, and life.

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