Developing the Essential Skills for College and Career Readiness

Developing the Essential Skills for College and Career ReadinessThere is no question that we need to teach young people reading, math, science, and history, but content knowledge is only part of what students need to know and be able to do. Skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication are the foundation on which content knowledge can be mastered, integrated, and applied.

These skills are essential to young people’s success in secondary and higher education, as well as in the workforce. In fact, they are the skills hiring managers are looking for most. Teaching these essential skills often gets overlooked as educators use limited instructional time to prepare students to meet content-based standards. Many educators also assume that activities to build these skills are incorporated into content-based curricula. But leaving the development of these skills to chance is not beneficial to our students as we prepare them to navigate a rapidly changing and demanding world. As with any skill development, identifying students’ current proficiency and areas for growth is the first step.

In this webinar expert panelists will share:

  • The importance of screening and progress monitoring in developing students’ essential skills
  • How to determine your students’ mastery of essential skills
  • How performance-based assessments deliver accurate and actionable insights into students’ skills
  • How educators can use assessment data to guide instruction and professional development


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