Do Universities Teach Students to Think Critically?

By Tom Williams | September 6, 2022 | Times Higher Education

OECD researchers offer evidence that students aren’t getting the “generic skills” needed for the world of work, which has been shown to have potentially big implications.

Professional services giant PwC’s recent announcement that new recruits will no longer require at least a 2:1 degree was seen by many as the latest sign that some of the world’s largest employers are losing faith that a good university qualification guarantees a candidate of a certain quality. The firm is by no means the first to look for new ways of determining the talent and potential of recent graduates as employers become increasingly vocal about the supposed failures of even the top universities to ensure that those entering the workforce have obtained the status of being “job-ready.”

The assessment done by universities doesn’t guarantee that candidates have the problem-solving skills that employers think are important, and so they have to find ways to test this themselves.