A Comparison of Former Interns versus Non-Interns in Critical Skills

Olivia Cortellini | 2014 | Fordham University

Research suggests that employers today do not feel that recent college graduates entering the workforce are prepared for their new careers. One possible solution to this problem is widespread implementation of internships for college students which can help them to hone the skills they will need for their future careers. The aim of the current study was to investigate to what extent internships prepare students for the workforce. Specifically, this study examined whether former college interns perform better in the workplace as compared with their peers who did not have previous internship experience. It was hypothesized that former interns would outperform their peers in ratings of cognitive skills. To test this hypothesis, employers and advisors of recent college graduates were surveyed about participants’ performance in the workplace or graduate school.

The aim of this study was to determine whether recent college graduates who had held internships would show higher levels of various cognitive skills than their peers who had not held internships.